Teaching the <future> to code the </future>.

Welcome to the Young Coder Club!

The diversity of coding allows anyone to choose a specialty such as website development, software engineering, or making video games. Experience what it means to be a coder by learning basic HTML and CSS before moving on to working on to the Android platform and creating your very own apps! But don’t let these technical words scare you, learning how to code and program is fun and easy. So join us at the Young Coder Club where you will be able to learn and develop some seriously cool programming skills!

Class Schedule

The Course will start August 1st and end August 31st. There will be two classes a week, Mondays and Wednesdays, from 3PM to 6PM. Courses will be held at the Al Shakhurah Youth Center*​.

The Benefits of Enrolling in YCC

Children will learn to build something from scratch, which can help boost their self confidence and belief in their own abilities.

building blocks

Children will develop their team working skills by having to work together to tackle mathematical and creative challenges through problem solving.

Not only will they be consuming and interacting with technology, but they will be creating technology.

Who We Are

At VII Tech Solutions we have spent over eight years developing websites and mobile applications. ‘Learning’ has always been the heart and soul of our company, and so whether we are talking about the Managing Director or an intern, we are always in the process of learning from the past, each other or clients in order to continue in improving our services and keep getting better. With this philosophy in mind we were inspired to give back to the community and spread our knowledge with the youth of Bahrain so that they too can learn something new.In a world driven by creative and dynamic minds, we at VII Tech Solutions believe that young talent should be nurtured to develop their skills so that one day they may contribute to this thrilling and thriving industry.

Young Coder Club is for children of all backgrounds, both boys and girls, to join in on the summer fun whilst we pass on our knowledge in the hope that we inspire young minds about all the possibilities out there.

Ahmed Yusuf

Ahmed Yusuf

The buzzing bee, the entertainer and the coder. He is hardworking and is dedicated to what he does. No two lessons will ever be the same with Ahmed as he knows how to keep things light and fun. Also helps that coding is naturally a fun topic which makes teaching even easier!

Zainab Mohamed

Zainab Mohamed

Zainab is experienced, kind and friendly. She is passionate about getting kids to code and prove just how much fun it can be! A Developer Diva at heart, she understands that when it comes to coding, design is equally as important as technicality!


Ahmed Al Rowaie

VII Tech gave me the greatest opportunity to learn how to create my own mobile application. At VII Tech I received all the knowledge and training on how to develop a mobile application in a practical and easy way. The very knowledgeable staff at VII Tech helped me out and set me up with exactly what I need in a very compassionate way. My experience was amazing. First let's talk about before entering VII Tech. I was really confused because it was my first science fair at school, my mom and I were thinking of "INVENTING" an app, but we thought it was almost impossible to do it by myself. My mom found a place called VII Tech that could help and support me, so I signed in. At first the things I learned were the basics, like simple coding. I learned how to insert textboxes and link them to other pages/commands. Also I learned how to edit pages and other stuff. I started off with using Scratch. Scratch is used to practice editing and coding. My app was called SnackWinners. It helps you pick your favorite snacks but in a healthier fashion. In my science fair I won 1st place, and I am still proud of it till this day. I also encourage you to invent your own app.

Join Us This Summer

Join in on the summer fun and learn to build your own mobile app. When registering with the young coder club you will receive:

  • An Android mobile phone.
  • A cool new T-shirt
  • A Certificate of Achievement
Participants are only eligible if they’re:
  • 10 - 14 years old
  • required to bring your own laptop to the course.